M&A Technology offers Networking Products and Services to Texas Govermental and public Educational entities at discounted prices through the Go DIRect Program.

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M&A has been the primary provider of computer workstations and servers for the Brazos Independent School District the past five years. The M&A computer hardware is of good quality and is backed by a three year warranty.

Eric Stuessel
Technology Coordinator
Brazos ISD. Markets HPC


M&A Technology expertise in High Performance Computing and is committed to the betterment of Open Source software. We delivered one of the first commercial Beowulf clusters, and has continued to push the bleeding edge in Linux-based supercomputing. M&A Technology has engineered many different cluster solutions and our team of professionals is devoted to top-notch technical support. Our system engineers work with you to give the best-suited and cost-effective cluster solutions for your business.


Today’s diverse and computerized world demands high performance Beowulf clusters. Beowulf –class clusters consists of multiple computers, built from commodity-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, linked together into a single system. They are cost effective, high performance, and easily maintained. And, they run on free software: Linux.

M&A is an ISO-9001:2000 Certified Manufacturer of high-performance servers. We proudly integrate Intel (1U, 2U, 4U, 5U, Blade and Storage servers) and AMD (1U, 2U, 5U, Blade and Storage servers) based systems for HPC, High-Availability, Storage and other server environments.

A high-speed interconnect is one of the most critical aspects of a Beowulf cluster. Data transfer between machines during a job is the largest limiting factor in terms of overall computation time. This is why M&A has partnerships with some of the best networking companies like Myricom, QLogic, Silver Storm, 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

M&A can meet and exceed your Linux workstation needs, with limitless hardware and software configurations, from graphic workhorses to email access points. Workstations are available on both Intel and AMD platforms.

We at M&A understand the need of fast and reliable storage in today’s expanding data centers. M&A offers multiple terabytes in High-speed Subsystems, Storage servers and ISCSI solutions. M&A integrates reliable cluster storage subsystems, offering easy expansion to fibre-channel SANs. Scalable, Parallel I/O is available as well.






There are many factors like power, HVAC, etc. that needs to be considered before purchasing a Beowulf cluster. Our sales team is ready and willing to help you find the Linux cluster that suits your needs and gives the highest performance per dollar. M&A provides extensive Site and System Planning to meet specific computing requirements.

M&A Inc. aims to continue to build lasting relationships and maximizing our customers' HPC systems. This is why we give you the tools to achieve top-notch maintenance and monitoring of your systems. Every Linux cluster is included with a detailed M&A Cluster Manual. Instructions and tools are included with M&A clusters to make future upgrades, both hardware and software, as easy as possible.


Implementation services are a specialty at M&A. With literally years of onsite experience, we look forward to integrating our solutions at your facility in a timely professional manner. All M&A clusters are assembled & tested in an ISO-9001:2000 facility.

The broadest ranges of Professional Services offered by M&A are:

• OS and Compiler benchmarking

• Hardware architecture evaluation

• Trial cluster log-in accounts for your applications

• Code optimization

• Kernel customization

• FPGA design

Data Center Services

• Backup/Recovery

• Onsite Installation and Training

• Extended Onsite Cluster Administration

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