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M&A Technology, as an Intel - Authorized Integrator, is a Premier-level system builder who is in the business of providing complete, customized computers for other resellers. When you choose to buy, rather than build, we can provide the systems and dedicated support you need for complete, effective solutions.


When making the Buy vs. Build decision

Focus to keep the business in the channel and get the authorized advantage. Get the quality and turnaround you need from M&A Technology, your local, responsive, build-to-order specialist. M&A Technology has the proven experience and service commitment to build you the right-size, reliable solutions you need—with extra benefits other sources might not offer:

  • Product purchase credits toward channel Associate membership.
  • Earn Premier membership credits on notebook purchases.
  • Genuine Intel products available through authorized distribution
  • Advance Warranty Replacement coverage


M&A’s Value to the Channel…

By becoming an M&A authorized partner, you get a wide range of products and services that are developed specifically for you.  All our products are designed and built in our ISO 9001-2000 manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas to ensure quality manufacturing and compliance.  Here are some of the values that we offer to our partners in the Channel:


OEM services including design and development of new products to address specific needs “application specific”

  • Private label and Co-branding
  • Life cycle management
  • Design services and prototyping
  • Custom packaging
  • Deployment and logistics

Expertise in manufacturing and selling into vertical markets

  • Expertise in the Federal Acquisition guidelines
  • Expertise in K-12 market
  • Expertise in designing and building High Performance Computers for scientific research and government projects
  • Expertise in ecommerce platform
  • Expertise in High Performance Computing or Supercomputers

Unique logistics model designed for the Channel

  • Availability of products through traditional distribution channels
    (Synnex and Tech Data)
  • Direct relationship for the partners who prefer to buy direct

Access to contracting vehicles to simplify the sales process for our partners

  • GSA schedule for Government purchases
  • NASA SEWP approved manufacturer
  • DIRTexas, Buy Board, TCPN, TIPS/TAPS

Access to Datacenter services

  • VoIP packages
  • Online disk to disk backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Co-location and Hosting services

Access to ecommerce services or store front

  • Customized store front using platform
  • Access to over 400K+ products
  • Prices and inventory updated daily
  • Ability to customize the products on the landing page

Benefits of buying fully configured systems through an Intel®  Authorized Integrator  

  • A total solution architect—Not just a “box builder” but a proven BTO system integrator with the strong customer focus, flexibility and responsiveness you require.
  • The latest technologies—Intel Authorized Integrators are Intel Premier Partners who get the latest and greatest innovations ahead of most others, giving you a competitive edge when customers need breakthrough technology.
  • Genuine Intel products—Your integrator buys only through authorized distribution, providing you with a guarantee of reliable Intel-branded components.
  • Intel product purchase credit—The components in your systems are automatically credited to your channel account, helping you meet purchase requirements toward Associate-level membership and for mobile products towards your Premier-level membership.
  • More opportunity—Custom-brand each fully configured system with your name, your customer’s name, or sell it as a generic whitebook. The choice is yours.

Benefits of buying fully configured systems through an Intel®  Authorized Integrator  

  • Can I buy boxed Intel products through an Intel Authorized Integrator and receive program credit?
  • No. Those building systems should continue to source all Intel components only through Intel Authorized Distributors. No program credit is given for component parts purchased from other sources. Except when you buy Intel components from ASI who are Intel Authorized Distributor & Intel Authorized Integrator
  • Do I earn Intel® Flex Plus points on the complete systems I buy from an Intel Authorized Integrator?
  • Not at this time.
  • Do I qualify for Distributor promotions on the completed systems I buy from an Intel Authorized Integrator?
  • No, an Intel Authorized Integrator is not, nor can they function as an Intel Authorized Distributor. Purchases from an Intel Authorized Integrator do not qualify for Authorized Distributor promotions.
  • How many Intel Authorized Integrators are there?
  • See this site for a complete listing of desktop, server and mobile Intel Authorized Integrators.
  • How are purchases credited toward my channel membership requirements?
  • All Intel-based systems purchased by you are tied to your channel membership number and are credited automatically via monthly reports submitted to Intel by each Intel Authorized Integrator. is not responsible for typographical or photographic errors. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice
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